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Rule of Law, corruption and stability
The Common Law

We take it for granted, but British society has been remarkably stable with a strong understanding, practice and acceptance of the rule of law. This is a key and often ignored strength. Without attempting to recant a history of the rule of law from Magna Carta onwards there is little doubt that British freedoms were won early and that British citizens, so long as they lived within the law, could sleep easily at night.

It really has been drilled into these guys, “Shoot first, ask questions later”.

This kind of instinctive shooting is something that has been drilled into combat troops for years, I myself had similar training during the 11 years in the Royal Air Force.  Its been a part of video games for years, just look at games such as call Of Duty or any of that type of game. Its shoot shoot shoot.  This seems to be spilling over into real life now as this police officer said himself that he had recently completed firearms training & it was just instinct & muscle memory to shoot the unarmed motorcyclist.  I’m sure this isn’t the only case we will see of this kind of thing this is not the first & it won’t be the last, unfortunately.

Source: Youtube

Multinationals would file single European tax return under plan proposed by EU tax commissioner to stamp out aggressive avoidance

Source: Powerful Google tax opponent will urge UK to drop hostility to radical EU change


Portugal’s second division clubs are disturbed over plans to impose Chinese players on the league as part of a sponsorship deal with a Chinese company.

Source: Concern in Portugal over Chinese player quota


Well I thought I might get through this week without anyone wanting to meet me & fight with me, O dear how wrong I was. This morning I used the word “Alleged” in a post referring to an interview I had carried out with a foreign researcher earlier this week at the site of the Lee Rigby incident,


The researcher is making a documentary about this and other cases around the world that have had massive impacts on society & the world stage.  The researcher questions the official stories & looks for evidence that either refutes & confirms them.  I mentioned that I had spent the day in London, In Woolwich at the very spot where the event took place.  All was fine with some people on twitter asking about the day etc, now I can’t share the interview yet as it is embargoed until the documentary is ready for release.  This a very common thing in the media, nothing out of the ordinary.  Documentary makers obviously don’t want the story out before they are ready to show it.

Then all of a sudden…..

WARNING!! Expletives.


So as you can see, the topics I cover are stirring up a lot of passion.  I am not going to say that it doesn’t bother me because it does, but I also know that I am always going to try & pass on information that I believe to be important.

If you have opinions or feeling about this or any of the other topics then do feel free to express them.


NIGEL FARAGE today accused the Prime Minister of cosying up to his “big mates” from the world’s richest banks in order to sway the EU referendum in his favour.

Source: Nigel Farage: PM has cosied up with ‘big mates’ from rich banks to stitch up EU vote


The number of officers protecting sensitive sites like Sellafield and Sizewell B is being reduced by 16 %.

Source: Terror fears as Tories cut 200 police guarding Britain’s nuclear power plants – Mirror Online


Unions branded the move a “betrayal” of staff – thousands of whom face the dole – working in a proud industry that was once the envy of the world

Source: Ultimate betrayal of Britain’s steel in Government Royal Navy warship plans


Package of measures to deter asylum seekers passed, including confiscation of cash and valuables exceeding $1,450.

Source: Danish MPs approve seizing valuables from refugees

Just how much money do you get EVEN IF YOU ARE REFUSED ASYLUM? & do you believe a Facebook post of your Governments information?

This is an image that has been circulating around Facebook & other social media.


Having looked into this and the details from GOV.UK it appears that the details shown in the image above are totally in-correct.  If we are to believe the government & of course there are going to be differing amounts in each individual situation then based on a family of four people they will receive £147.80 per week.

Here is my report and the details from the government site.

How exactly will a force that operates without consent be able to strengthen the EU’s reputation?

Source: EUROPEAN EMPIRE: EU’s New Border Force Will Override National Sovereignty

For those who refuse to entertain the Michael Hastings conspiracy theory, maybe it’s time to reconsider.


Source: Boston Brakes? How to Hack a New Car With Your iPhone or Android


Europe’s border-free travel plan, the Schengen Agreement, could be suspended for up to two years, as France’s prime minister warned that mass immigration could kill the entire EU project.

Source: As EU panics, PM is urged to ramp up demands for Brussels reform

The coloured doors in Middlesbrough make homes occupied by the refugees easy to identify and have been blamed for numerous attacks in which people were victims of harassment and abuse.

Is this a policy to mark out asylum seekers? Or is it just a case of a company bulk buying red paint & using it on their properties?

Source: Asylum seekers ‘forced to live in houses with red doors’ in Middlesbrough | Daily Mail Online

The militia, who call themselves Red God’s Defenders, formed in the mountains in the restive south of the Philippines where the terror group is taking a stranglehold.

Source: Christian militia Red God’s Defenders burn ISIS flag in the Philippines | Daily Mail Online