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DAVID Cameron’s new EU deal was dismissed as “truly pathetic” last night after his plans for curbing benefit payments to European migrants were drastically watered down.

Source: Cameron’s EU deal is a JOKE: PM blasted for ’a slap in the face for Britain’


Finally serious economists are considering a position I have been maintaining the 2008 financial meltdown. Whatever its name— erasure, repudiation, abolishment, cancellation, jubilee—debt forgiveness, will have to eventually emerge forefront in global efforts to solve an ongoing systemic financial crisis.

I have included an interview from around 3 years ago with the then Icelandic President. You may find what he has to say very enlightening.


Source: Iceland Forgives Entire Population Its Debt. Total US Media Blackout.

From Kathleen Kerridge.


This is a post about a subject very close to home. My home. It is about politicians who wouldn’t know poverty if it chewed on their overpaid arses.

It’s about, in part, Jamie Oliver.

Part 1.

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Source: The Upsetting Reality Of Modern Day Poverty.



Everything I do seems to have a sequel. It’s funny how life can be like that. I really felt that some points needed to be addressed, however. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the Unseen Poor.


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Kathleen’s Books (uk) & (The Rest of the world) also The Paper Back Version of Into The Woods

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Source: The Upsetting Truth Part 2. Kathleen Kerridge.