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The Education Secretary has warned young people would no longer be covered by European health insurance if the UK votes for Brexit. We also take a look at some of Cameron’s Pledges & what he actually got during his so called Deal.

Source: Nicky Morgan: Young people will no longer be able to go inter-railing safely if Britain leaves the EU – Telegraph

An investigation into efforts at the Greek and Swedish borders to manage migration that have come under heavy criticism for putting the Schengen Area under threat.

The video Below has English Subtitles.

Here is the audio including my overdub of the subtitles –

Source: Schengen under threat

This is a political fantasy, a self projection you might say, that may or not come true. But it is important to note that sometimes self fulfilling prophecies do indeed come about.

Source: Dan Jarvis : His Path to becoming PrimeMinister | peterp1


Ok lets get straight to it. I don’t agree with everything Henry Stands for & it’s not very often you will hear me Defending an MP. But on this occasion I had to ask the man & he gave me a direct reply. Is it the truth that you get a lobbying fee of £1300 an hour? He replied that this is false & he’s taking legal action, on that, only time will tell.  But these images have been all over Twitter for the last few months & I can sympathise with the message, but a journalist has to get the facts & in this case the statement is, as far as I can tell just not true. Disabled people should not be losing £30 per week but if these campaigns are going to keep going they have to deal with facts to maintain credibility.

All this image does is damage that credibility.

Source: Huffington Post report

Here is my report.


A USDA spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon that the goal of the new proposals are meant to ensure high standards in its Child Nutrition Programs.

Source: Feds to Fine Schools For Not Following Obama’s Lunch Rules

Tata Steel is due to announce that it plans to sell its entire UK steel operation, Sky sources say.

The news casts doubt over the future of thousands of steelworkers’ jobs across the UK.

Union leaders have been in Mumbai, India, where the Tata board has met to discuss the company’s loss-making UK business.

Source: Tata Plans To Sell Entire UK Steel Operation


In the coming days, the GO Movement will submit its application to the Electoral Commission for designation as the official ‘Leave’ campaign in the forthcoming EU referendum.

The GO Movement is a coalition of UK citizens, businesses, political parties and organisations all working together to ensure a freer, more prosperous and more democratic United Kingdom — outside of the European Union.

Source: Leave.EU

alantshearer_2016-Mar-22 2

Once again we see terror strike at the heart of the EU.  Innocent people had to die for a radical or group to make their point.  Who is to blame? Why did they do it? how where the targets chosen? did it happen as we are told it did? do we believe the Mainstream Presstitute media?

Here are my thoughts which includes exerts from Frank Whites Book “Who are the Illuminati? (stay with me) and ending with a quote from Rahm Emanuel, an American Politician who has been Obama’s Chief Of Staff.


A video has appeared showing a weapons manufacturer testing a futuristic railgun capable of firing projectiles six times faster than the speed of sound

Source: Devastating electromagnetic RAILGUN fires ‘bullets’ at Mach 6 and could be the future of naval warfare – Mirror Online

The BBC has produced an uncritical documentary about the presidency of U.S. President Barack Obama, with funding from the European Union.


Source: BBC Produces Obama Documentary Funded By The European Union Just Weeks Ahead Of Pro-EU Campaign Speech

Our campaign will provide the public with the full facts around the upcoming referendum on remaining in the European Union. We believe a Britain in the know will vote to leave the EU.

Source: News –

It is imperative that the Conservative Government under David Cameron exits Great Britain from the European Union (EU) as soon as possible, as Great Britain faces a series of highly damaging inter related EU problems

Source: Britain should leave the EU as it is no longer Fit for Purpose | peterp1

10:27, 18 March 2015 By Paul Britton Sheila Holt, who hadn’t worked for 27 years because of illnesses and was sent letters enquiring after her fitness and suitability for employment.

Source: Death by Austerity | ilegal

Panic buttons and tracking devices will be installed in limousines that ferry MEPs around Brussels and Strasbourg, amid fears that their ill-mannered local drivers pose a security risk.

Source: MEPs want well-mannered chauffeurs to halt terrorist threat