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The 64-year-old had been booked to headline the two-day Brentwood Festival in Essex with his band, The Boomtown Rats, but was booed by revellers after launching the expletive-filled tirade.

Source: Fans walk out of festival after Bob Geldof launches foul-mouthed rant

Well, this is weird & here’s what all the fuss is about.

Source: People Are Confused Because There Appears To Be A Page Of The Quran Hidden In “Fireman Sam”


Amongst all the hate, heartbreak, killing & War There’s more going on in life than just what you are spoon fed from the tele. These “Kids” I say kids its people of all ages, are going out & not causing trouble, not damaging or destroying, not beating up pensioners…… They are meeting speaking & enjoying a little game on their mobile phones that has taken the world by storm. PokemonGO.

Here’s what they had to say to me when I went down to a Kings Lynn Hotspot.

I took some video too which has been a hit on Youtube so here they are too!


Well it’s started early this week. I made the mistake it seems of saying that I believe that your sexuality was a personal life choice….

Then this happened!!

Here’s the twitter exchange in video form. (please note I have age restricted it due to the graphic nature of the cartoon)




To help you make an informed decision about vaccines I made this video.

and here is the audio for podcast & radio listeners.



The suspected attacker is among the dead in the incident, which police say is not thought to be terrorism-related.

Lincolnshire Police say they are not looking for any suspects in connection with the shooting near the Castle sports complex in the town

Source: British police say three people have been shot dead near a swimming pool in the central England town of Spalding

Fined! For going on holiday at the wrong time of year?

Here are some statistics from just one small area of London & a solution to this draconian financial robbery.

Source: Parents fined more than £100,000 for children missing school


A while ago I interviewed two men who are part of the BCG (British Constitution Group) about some interesting topics including finance, Freeman, & Health.

Here’s what the BCG say about themselves….. “The British Constitution Group campaigns for the restoration of Britain’s ancient constitution, which, for several decades has been systematically denied and undermined by successive governments of all political parties. The BCG is non-political and does not endorse or support any political party. We believe that for over 1200 years, successive generations of British inhabitants have reasserted the principles originally established by Alfred’s Law.”



Source: British Constitution Group





Blowing through female outer space.

All men are evil & should be made to live completely alone from there age of 15.  Thats just one of the psychopathic men hating proposals put forward by the author of WitchWind, scroll down to Utopia if you can stomach it but just take a listen to some of the reforms that yet another 3rd wave FemiNazi is encouraging her Man hating pals to campaign for.  You will also find here a NON GRAPHIC explanation of the three techniques used to abort live human babies, as according to the FemiNazi abortion at any time will be available to all women.  What a pity this video is presented by a man & features a man explaining the techniques. O HOW DARE THEY!!!!


Source: radical wind | blowing through female outerspace


Thing is so much happens so quickly its hard to keep up with it all but one thing is for sure ‘merica is have themselves one O them that celebrations & we can have one too, IF WE JUST GET THE HELL ON WITH IT!!!!