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The British government’s legal reasons for stating that Prime Minister Theresa May has the power to begin divorce proceedings from the EU.

Source: Gov Sets Out Reasons to Bypass Parliamentary Vote on Leaving EU

Britain must go for a “hard Brexit” if it is to achieve its aims in leaving the European Union (EU), a senior German businessman has said.

Source: Only ‘Hard Brexit’ Can Work, Says German Business Chief



Contrary to popular belief I have not dropped off the edge of the world…… is the earth flat?

I have however been in an epic battle of wills with the technology that makes all this possible.  IP addresses routers macs mixers cables wi-fi and more have clubbed together to do their best to shut me up. But I’ve won & I’m able to post again, so I’m going to try & cram a whole weeks worth of posts into one & a half days before I hit the deadline!

DOMESTIC violence against men has trebled in the past decade, shocking official figures reveal. A record 5,640 wives and girlfriends were convicted of assaulting their male partners last year.

Source: Domestic violence against men hits record levels as numbers treble in past decade

Sweden may be descending into a crisis as shocking reports state that 80 per cent of the police force are considering switching careers due to the danger they face in the field.

Source: 80 Per Cent Of Swedish Police Consider Quitting Due To Danger


Europe will make Brexit “very painful” and ensure Britain is worse off outside the EU, Slovakia’s premier has said, as he dismissed the UK’s confidence about divorce talks as “bluff”.

source: Slovakia says Europe will make Brexit ‘very painful’ for UK


There are those who are funny, we quite rightly celebrate them. Then there is this BBC lot who are willing to put comedy aside & do as they are told & toe the BBC’s party line, so they don’t fall fowl of the Clintons…… There’s a very long cast of people who are now dead after getting on the wrong side of the Clintons…..



So rather than fall in to that catagory the BBC went with “Pity Hillary & Rip the P*&s out of Trump” because thats what comedy is now. Convince the citizens of a country that isn’t even involved in the election process that A sick woman is more capable than a healthy businessman.


Engineering firm’s founder Sir James Dyson tells the BBC it would be suicidal for EU to impose tariffs on one of their biggest customers

Source: Dyson: EU exit will ‘liberate’ UK economy – BBC News


A 20-year-old British man accused of trying to assassinate Donald Trump at a June rally in Las Vegas has pleaded guilty to the lesser charges of being an alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.

Source: British man accused of trying to shoot Donald Trump pleads guilty on lesser charges | The Independent

Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern’s opposition to a free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada was countered by fervent praise for the deal from his deputy at a special parliamentary session on the issue on Wednesday.

Source: Austrian government split on opposition to EU-Canada trade deal | Reuters


So just how are the police meant to use social media?

Certainly NOT Like This!



Maybe they should do what I did & read the Police foundation Social Media Breifing.


The ‘jungle’ refugee camp faces destruction by the French government following the visit of Minister of Interior Bernard Cazeneuve and now a blockade start

Source: Emergency demo – stop the destruction of the Calais ‘jungle’ camp, refugees welcome here! – Stand Up To Racism


Amidst growing fear-based propaganda warning of the threat of Zika virus comes a quiet admission from health officials in Brazil: Zika alone may not be responsible for the rise in birth defects that plagued parts of the country.