All posts for the month February, 2017

It’s only fair to start by saying sorry for the lack of posts recently.

Second an explanation. 

My health has taken a very bad turn for the worst & whilst now I’m on the mend I’m not fully up to the work that goes into a blog post here on Alan’s Antics.  If it was just a case of simply sitting down & record a reading of an article, there’s research, fact checking, recording, editing, producing art for each post, filing & promoting the post & the blog. All of which I have to do by myself & the mind and body are not up to the task right now.  Hopefully I will be able to get back on the horse and get posting as soon as I can. 

Until then please take care all & see you soon. 

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron attempted to have the editor of a national newspaper that strongly supported Brexit sacked during last year’s European Union referendum campaign, the BBC has reported.

Source: Cameron tried to have paper editor sacked over EU stance – BBC