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Ok lets get straight to it. I don’t agree with everything Henry Stands for & it’s not very often you will hear me Defending an MP. But on this occasion I had to ask the man & he gave me a direct reply. Is it the truth that you get a lobbying fee of £1300 an hour? He replied that this is false & he’s taking legal action, on that, only time will tell.  But these images have been all over Twitter for the last few months & I can sympathise with the message, but a journalist has to get the facts & in this case the statement is, as far as I can tell just not true. Disabled people should not be losing £30 per week but if these campaigns are going to keep going they have to deal with facts to maintain credibility.

All this image does is damage that credibility.

Source: Huffington Post report

Here is my report.


It is imperative that the Conservative Government under David Cameron exits Great Britain from the European Union (EU) as soon as possible, as Great Britain faces a series of highly damaging inter related EU problems

Source: Britain should leave the EU as it is no longer Fit for Purpose | peterp1


The German car company BMW has threatened its workforce in Britain that “although leaving the EU was a matter for the British voter” actually leaving would affect the company’s “British work base”. The email to staff added: “Tariff barriers would mean higher costs and higher prices”

Source: Nazi BMW Threatens The British – MagDa Goebbels Would be Proud – Freenations


Thursday £rd March 2016 saw the Better Off Out team Launch their “Save Britains Cash” Campaign in Westminster at the very heart of British Government in the Houses Of Parliament. RadioFreeUK were there to capture the whole meeting Chaired by Rory Broomfield @RoryBroomfield BOO’s Director as chair along side him Rupert Matthews @RupertMatthews their Campaign Director. Guest speakers were Economist & Fund Manager Johnathon Davis & Former civil Servant Economist & commentator Ruth Lee. Here is the full meeting including the questions & comments that followed the main speakers. So pop the kettle on feet up & catch up on the real financial cost of being in the EU.


So when we shell out £19 Billion each year, what do we get? Find out by listening here.

Oh by the way the first 43 seconds cost £3000……….

Source: The cost of the EU


Vladimir Putin is making waves again today and this time, it is because he is once again, slamming the pharmaceutical alliances and big food corporations. He believes that both of these entities are divisive, mind-controlling and poisonous beings with the ambition of world population control.

Source: Putin Calls Westerners ‘Intensively Vaccinated Borderline Autistic Fat Man …’ – Truth Kings

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez

Please take the time to watch & listen to President Cristina Fernandez in this YouTube Video  Speech in the 70th General Assembly in New York, Sept. 28, 2015

Listen to the full English Translation.

She speaks open & honestly about the international debt crisis & a WHOLE LOT MORE! Including her allegations that the White House representative asked Argentina to sell Nuclear fuel to Iran at about 19min:45sec mark.  She also asks some very pointed questions about the rise of ISIS & the comparisons with a Hollywood movie!

Full length 42 minutes.