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I have come to the view that “Sir” Bob Geldof has become an even bigger media whore than he already was.  His actions in public during the demonstration on the Thames recently showed him for what he is, a liberal media darling who seems to think he can do what he wants & say what he wants to the detriment of others.  Well, in this heavily Censored piece I give it back to him!. I hope he hears it because I’m sick to the back teeth with him & his ilk dictating to the rest of us what we are meant to think & say & do. I will probably hold opinions that you don’t agree with, thats fine thats part of being a libertarian, free thinking human. I don’t follow the mainstream herd. I look forward to your comments.


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut I’ve always believed that one should not speak ill of the dead – and especially someone so brutally murdered as was Jo Cox MP.

Source: The truth about the late Jo Cox MP and her husband, Brendan | THE HOLISTIC WORKS



The Bank of England has claimed that £65bn has been ‘pulled out’ of the UK over the last 2 months due to the risk of BREXIT. They say this is the fastest rate of withdrawal since the financial crisis

Source: Leave.EU



There was widespread shock across Britain today as David Cameron revealed we would all have to wash our own cars if we pulled out of Europe.

Source: Shock as PM warns Brexit will close car washes



Scottish leaders vow a new independence referendum if “Brexit” drags them out of Europe.

Source: A British vote to leave the E.U. could shatter the United Kingdom – The Washington Post


The German chancellor raised the prospect of the UK getting a raw deal from the rest of the bloc after Brexit as she made a personal appeal for us to stay.

This is what she thinks of her OWN NATIONAL FLAG!!

Source: Merkel warns we won’t get ‘good result’ after Brexit



Germany’s foreign minister said a British vote to leave the European Union would create a negative dynamic in the remainder of the EU, but that Berlin should not discuss any proposals for dealing with such a scenario.

Source: German minister says shouldn’t discuss ‘fantasy proposals’ for Brex…




Wages will be £38 a week lower and manufacturing will fall into steep decline if Britain votes to leave the EU, according to a new report – Better Off In: working people and the case for remaining in the EU – launched today by the TUC. Speaking at an event to launch the report, as she unveils the TUC’s latest campaign poster, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady will set out the negative impact Brexit will have on wages, jobs, and rights at work.

Source: Trades Union Congress – Wages would be £38 a week lower outside the EU, says TUC report

Multiple reports are emerging that EU citizens have been sent polling cards despite not having a vote in the referendum.

Source: EU Citizens Sent Referendum Polling Cards



We can only dream…….

But the Conservative government has been accused of ‘cheating its way to power’

Source: BREAKING: Police launch investigations into Tory electoral fraud across the country | The Canary

GERMANY is plotting to levy a punitive tax on British motorists to help subsidise the growing bill for coping with the millions of migrants flooding towards its borders.

Source: Germany plots tax on BRITISH motorists to cover growing bill for its 1.1 million migrants



I have just been in Russia – in Krasnodar where I gave a couple of 2 hour lectures with discussion at the Kuban University

Source: Just Back From Russia – Prosperous, Capitalist, Nationist, Democratic, Christian – Freenations




For a man as ignorant of history, ideologies, geopolitics, German imperialism and European fascism as David Cameron his arrival at his fanatical support for the most dangerous movements in European history is more criminal stupidity than fascist malice. But a fascist is a fool with a thirst for power.

Source: David Cameron – Fascist or Fool? – Freenations

The remarkable ease with which terrorists could travel within the EU’s borderless Schengen countries to kill 160 people in Paris and Brussels has alarmed everyone except the Euro-elite in Brussels. The Paris and Brussels bombers went from Syria to Holland to Belgium to France to Hungary before and after the Paris attacks.

Source: The EU Is A Security Catastrophe – Freenations

The Western image of Russia and Putin in recent years has been very negative. President Obama has publicly called Vladimir Putin a “schoolboy who slouches in his chair in the back of the room“ and derided his country as a mere “regional power.”

Source: Thinking the Unthinkable: Russia Has Re-Emerged As a Great Power