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The Education Secretary has warned young people would no longer be covered by European health insurance if the UK votes for Brexit. We also take a look at some of Cameron’s Pledges & what he actually got during his so called Deal.

Source: Nicky Morgan: Young people will no longer be able to go inter-railing safely if Britain leaves the EU – Telegraph

An investigation into efforts at the Greek and Swedish borders to manage migration that have come under heavy criticism for putting the Schengen Area under threat.

The video Below has English Subtitles.

Here is the audio including my overdub of the subtitles –

Source: Schengen under threat

Our campaign will provide the public with the full facts around the upcoming referendum on remaining in the European Union. We believe a Britain in the know will vote to leave the EU.

Source: News –

It is imperative that the Conservative Government under David Cameron exits Great Britain from the European Union (EU) as soon as possible, as Great Britain faces a series of highly damaging inter related EU problems

Source: Britain should leave the EU as it is no longer Fit for Purpose | peterp1

David Cameron called the deal a ‘basis for a breakthrough’ that could end people smuggling.

The Turkish proposals, which included a demand for an additional €3bn (£2.3bn; $3.3bn), came as a surprise at the EU summit, leading diplomats to wonder whether to vet the deal in a short duration.

Source: EU and Turkey agree 1 for 1 refugee swap but final approval on €3bn deal will take longer



Thursday £rd March 2016 saw the Better Off Out team Launch their “Save Britains Cash” Campaign in Westminster at the very heart of British Government in the Houses Of Parliament. RadioFreeUK were there to capture the whole meeting Chaired by Rory Broomfield @RoryBroomfield BOO’s Director as chair along side him Rupert Matthews @RupertMatthews their Campaign Director. Guest speakers were Economist & Fund Manager Johnathon Davis & Former civil Servant Economist & commentator Ruth Lee. Here is the full meeting including the questions & comments that followed the main speakers. So pop the kettle on feet up & catch up on the real financial cost of being in the EU.


Did I give you a scare? Sorry nothing to be scared of but now I have your attation I’d like to present two interviews with Rupert Matthews, The Campaign Manager for BOO & Rory Broomfield the Director of BOO at the financial Campaign Launch held at the Houses of Parliament Westminster in London. Here’s what they had to say.

Campaign Manager

Rupert Matthews, Campaign Manager, Better Off Out

Rupert Matthews joined Better Off Out as Campaign Manager in January 2015.

Rupert has served as a councillor and has stood as a Parliamentary and European Candidate. He worked for Conservative Central Office in the Campaigns Department and his Euroscepticism was formed whilst reading the Maastricht Treaty. After understanding the true nature of the “European Project” he decided on the spot that Britain should leave the European Union, and this belief has now led him to join Better Off Out.

Rupert has worked primarily in publishing where he has written almost 200 books on historical and other subjects as well as contributing regularly to magazines and newspapers at both the local and national level.

He tweets at @RupertMatthews.





Appointed Director of the Campaign in early 2013, Rory Broomfield is also Director of The Freedom Association.

Author of “Membership of the EU: There Are Alternatives“, “The EU’s Effect on the UK’s Place in the World” and “The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Global“, he previously worked for a range of prominent conservative politicians and small businesses, assisting them with their research, marketing and communication needs.

Rory has also appeared on domestic news channels including the BBC, ITV and Sky News along with a range of international media outlets.

To make a media appointment, please phone either 020 7234 0805 or 0755 777 2540.

He tweets in a personal capacity @rorybroomfield.



So when we shell out £19 Billion each year, what do we get? Find out by listening here.

Oh by the way the first 43 seconds cost £3000……….

Source: The cost of the EU


European Union officials aren’t just determined to keep mum during the U.K.’s referendum campaign: They are refusing to move key legislation out of fear that they might fuel support for a Brexit.

Source: Leave.EU Latest


Egyptian man on trial for presenting himself as a Syrian refugee — a ploy that succeeded even though he had been apprehended for the same reason before.

Source: An Egyptian Is On Trial In Greece Accused Of Presenting Himself As A Syrian Refugee, For The Second Time

OFFICIALS have been forced to act after the Daily Express revealed how unemployed Britons were being denied access to work in favour of economic migrants.

Source: Another victory for the Express: Officials forced to act over job ads that exclude Britons


17 February 2016, WikiLeaks is released the classified report about the first six month of Operation SOPHIA, the EU military intervention against “refugee boats” in Libya and the Mediterranean.

EEAS-2016-126 eu-military-refugee-plan-PMG eu-military-refugee-plan-EUMC

These next two reports are even more concerning as they confirm that the EU Police/Military has plans to take their operations ONTO THE COASTLINE of North Africa in Lybian territory.



Source: WikiLeaks – “EUNAVFOR MED – Operation SOPHIA” – Six Monthly Report: June, 22nd to December, 31st 2015

The Prime Minister has clearly failed to achieve his objectives, and the time has come for us to leave

We would prosper, we would be free, and we would stand tall. That is what this referendum is all about.

Source: Britain outside the EU would stand tall as a free and prosperous nation – Telegraph



There is a long and inglorious history of British intellectuals, notably on the Left, disparaging their own country, writes STEPHEN GLOVER.


I have included Miss Thomason’s quotes direct from the press conference in my recording.


Source: STEPHEN GLOVER: Why DO so many Lefties and luvvies loathe this country?  | Daily Mail Online


Tony Parsons says that the time has come to quit the failed experiment of a European Union

Source: Why we should leave the EU