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Fined! For going on holiday at the wrong time of year?

Here are some statistics from just one small area of London & a solution to this draconian financial robbery.

Source: Parents fined more than £100,000 for children missing school


A while ago I interviewed two men who are part of the BCG (British Constitution Group) about some interesting topics including finance, Freeman, & Health.

Here’s what the BCG say about themselves….. “The British Constitution Group campaigns for the restoration of Britain’s ancient constitution, which, for several decades has been systematically denied and undermined by successive governments of all political parties. The BCG is non-political and does not endorse or support any political party. We believe that for over 1200 years, successive generations of British inhabitants have reasserted the principles originally established by Alfred’s Law.”



Source: British Constitution Group



Just a sample of whats to come on Alan’s Antics now that the referendum is over and the British People declared their wish to be independent of the EU whilst maintaining trading & working relationships with our friends in Europe (please note the difference, the EU is NOT Europe).  There’s a whole load of topics to look at and here is an idea of whats to come….


I have come to the view that “Sir” Bob Geldof has become an even bigger media whore than he already was.  His actions in public during the demonstration on the Thames recently showed him for what he is, a liberal media darling who seems to think he can do what he wants & say what he wants to the detriment of others.  Well, in this heavily Censored piece I give it back to him!. I hope he hears it because I’m sick to the back teeth with him & his ilk dictating to the rest of us what we are meant to think & say & do. I will probably hold opinions that you don’t agree with, thats fine thats part of being a libertarian, free thinking human. I don’t follow the mainstream herd. I look forward to your comments.



London’s first ever Muslim Mayor is set to ban images of “unrealistic” scantily clad women from ads on public transport.

Source: London’s Muslim Mayor To Ban Sexualised Images Of Women



There was widespread shock across Britain today as David Cameron revealed we would all have to wash our own cars if we pulled out of Europe.

Source: Shock as PM warns Brexit will close car washes



Scottish leaders vow a new independence referendum if “Brexit” drags them out of Europe.

Source: A British vote to leave the E.U. could shatter the United Kingdom – The Washington Post


The German chancellor raised the prospect of the UK getting a raw deal from the rest of the bloc after Brexit as she made a personal appeal for us to stay.

This is what she thinks of her OWN NATIONAL FLAG!!

Source: Merkel warns we won’t get ‘good result’ after Brexit

Multiple reports are emerging that EU citizens have been sent polling cards despite not having a vote in the referendum.

Source: EU Citizens Sent Referendum Polling Cards













In and out: fact checked….. Allegedly.


Source: IN and OUT leaflets: fact checked


Hillary, Sanger, Planned parenthood, Family Planning clinics, social workers. Older than the Nazi regime that exterminated millions based on religion & race. Older than Apartheid that devastated South Africa. Eugenics has a history going back to the very early 19th century but its still being practiced today & the promoters of it, are getting far cleverer at hiding their true intensions.  Take a listen to this small section of an audio book called Battle Hymn. I also chip in my two pennies worth along the way.

President Barack Obama signed a bill into law Friday banning the federal government from using the terms “Negro” and “Oriental.”

Source: Obama Signs Bill Banning Government Use of ‘Negro,’ ‘Oriental’ – Breitbart


In the year since new rules came into force, the number of people charged with drug driving has more than doubled – but do you know what’s on the banned list?

Source: The prescription drugs that can now see you banned



As viral pathogens are exceptionally diverse, the morbidity associated with viral infections varies significantly depending on the virus in question. This report covers all viral infections, although particular focus is given to four key indications within this disease cluster: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and influenza. The global viral infections market was valued at $74.0 billion in 2014, and is projected to grow at a considerable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.8%, reaching $117.6 billion in 2021.

source: The global virus market


GreenPeace, breaking the law to make a point?  I was in London on the 18th April 2016. Here’s my report.