It is not the #Brexit route I would have taken but it is where we are now : @GoddersBloom

There were a number of exit options for brexit – the one taken is not the one Godfrey would have chosen (as per his previous podcasts), but having chosen it we need to ensure it happens and keep our guard up against dirty tricks.


Will EEA/EFTA membership make #Brexit more palatable? Will we have a choice? : @goddersbloom

Godfrey thinks a full on out message may scare many voters, so suggests considering an alternative exit path. He suspects that this is what we will get anyway, so promoting it now may be a useful tactic.

‘Why Traditionalism and Libertarianism are not incompatible’ 2014 : Bloom

Godfrey Bloom – ‘Why Traditionalism and Libertarianism are not incompatible’

Talk given at the Traditional Britain Conference 2014 – The Basis of Culture?

From the YouTube Channel: Traditional Britain Group

Audio Only:

#BRExit Experience Matters – Don’t send a new boy to do Ha’nnans work : Bloom

Godfrey explains that you can’t beat experience, so the media can’t be allowed to choose who presents the case for Brexit – The Brexiteers must choose their own, proven, champions.