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There is no middle way with the EU. David Cameron tried to find one with his ‘deal’ – which was rejected by 17.5million voters in the UK in the EU referendum – now Theresa May is also trying to find this non-existent middle way with her rotten deal

There is no remain/brexit compromise, the only choice is in or out – and the people gave their decision over two years ago – when Leave beat Remain by 4% ( 52 – 48 = 4 ), this is not small number, this is not marginal, this is not slight. It is a very, very clear vote to leave – rejecting the useless compromises that our politicians propose.

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Re-broadcast of Nov 12 show.

* Duration: 39:46

* Published: 18/11/2016 8:57:03 p.m.

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New data shows that the “vanishing” of polar ice is not the result of runaway global warming

Source: The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever – Telegraph

Tycoon wants to smash Commons political careerists and Drain The Swamp

Source: Tycoon wants to smash Commons political careerists and Drain The Swamp

Who is the FBI boss, James Comey? Major role for Shia militias in Iraqi offensive on Mosul; the Bollywood film caught up in India-Pakistan hostility

* Duration: 28:03, Played: 1:20

* Published: 30/10/2016 1:03:00 a.m.

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We are always on the lookout for new contributors & here is a potential new voice.The Irate Bear.

Source: Meet the Irate Bear | Alan’s Antics

The clean version!

HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to one of Ireland’s most successful businessmen Michael O’Leary – the chief executive of the low cost, no frills airline, Ryanair. In terms of passenger numbers it is Europe’s biggest airline, carrying more than a hundred million passengers per year. But what impact will the UK’s looming departure from the European Union have on Ryanair and the Irish economy?

* Published: 24/10/2016 12:00:00 p.m.

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I’m back! (Mom-in-law is doing better.) Donald Trump’s locker-room potty mouth. Hillary Clinton is horrified about sex talk!

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Interview about how lawyers rigged everything! Christopher C. Horner is the author of the bestselling The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Global Warming and Environmentalism, Power Grab, and Red Hot Lies. He is a senior fellow with the Washington, D.C. think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute and affiliated with European counterpart organizations.

* Published: 11/10/2016 2:00:00 a.m.

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UK Independence Party (UKIP) Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). Features UKIP MEP speeches, media interviews and articles, as well as a regularly updated news blog.

Source: We should work with the Russians in Syria not against them – David Coburn MEP | Articles | UKIP MEPs


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