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GERMANY is plotting to levy a punitive tax on British motorists to help subsidise the growing bill for coping with the millions of migrants flooding towards its borders.

Source: Germany plots tax on BRITISH motorists to cover growing bill for its 1.1 million migrants

The Education Secretary has warned young people would no longer be covered by European health insurance if the UK votes for Brexit. We also take a look at some of Cameron’s Pledges & what he actually got during his so called Deal.

Source: Nicky Morgan: Young people will no longer be able to go inter-railing safely if Britain leaves the EU – Telegraph

An investigation into efforts at the Greek and Swedish borders to manage migration that have come under heavy criticism for putting the Schengen Area under threat.

The video Below has English Subtitles.

Here is the audio including my overdub of the subtitles –

Source: Schengen under threat

It is imperative that the Conservative Government under David Cameron exits Great Britain from the European Union (EU) as soon as possible, as Great Britain faces a series of highly damaging inter related EU problems

Source: Britain should leave the EU as it is no longer Fit for Purpose | peterp1

David Cameron called the deal a ‘basis for a breakthrough’ that could end people smuggling.

The Turkish proposals, which included a demand for an additional €3bn (£2.3bn; $3.3bn), came as a surprise at the EU summit, leading diplomats to wonder whether to vet the deal in a short duration.

Source: EU and Turkey agree 1 for 1 refugee swap but final approval on €3bn deal will take longer



So when we shell out £19 Billion each year, what do we get? Find out by listening here.

Oh by the way the first 43 seconds cost £3000……….

Source: The cost of the EU


European Union officials aren’t just determined to keep mum during the U.K.’s referendum campaign: They are refusing to move key legislation out of fear that they might fuel support for a Brexit.

Source: Leave.EU Latest

Source: Politico.eu

Egyptian man on trial for presenting himself as a Syrian refugee — a ploy that succeeded even though he had been apprehended for the same reason before.

Source: An Egyptian Is On Trial In Greece Accused Of Presenting Himself As A Syrian Refugee, For The Second Time

OFFICIALS have been forced to act after the Daily Express revealed how unemployed Britons were being denied access to work in favour of economic migrants.

Source: Another victory for the Express: Officials forced to act over job ads that exclude Britons


17 February 2016, WikiLeaks is released the classified report about the first six month of Operation SOPHIA, the EU military intervention against “refugee boats” in Libya and the Mediterranean.

EEAS-2016-126 eu-military-refugee-plan-PMG eu-military-refugee-plan-EUMC

These next two reports are even more concerning as they confirm that the EU Police/Military has plans to take their operations ONTO THE COASTLINE of North Africa in Lybian territory.



Source: WikiLeaks – “EUNAVFOR MED – Operation SOPHIA” – Six Monthly Report: June, 22nd to December, 31st 2015


When one stands up against racism & fascism one stands with people of all races creeds and colours together to ensure that all have peace and all needs are met.

That’s not then to be used to destroy the indigenous culture and the moral foundations of the existing society. Being multicultural should mean embracing the cultures of all in a community not to the detriment of the established culture.
Well it seems that under the banner of Stop Racism that’s exactly what is being pushed upon and by the liberals who would have us just remove all borders and let those who enter our green and “pleasant” do what they will. At our expense I might add. Here’s the latest press release which promotes this agenda. I share it for your information, putting aside what has happened in Germany Sweden and many other Northern European countries.

French authorities immediate threat to bulldoze ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais

The French authorities plan evict as many as 3,000 refugees in the so-called “Jungle” camp near Calais and bulldoze their homes. This inhumane act should be stopped and the refugees allowed into Britain to claim asylum. Stand Up To Racism (SUTR)† will call a demonstration in London if the plan goes ahead.

Activists in the camp say that local authorities are expected to issue a 48-hour eviction notice on Friday that will affect more than half the camp’s population. The short notice period over a weekend—when courts will be shut—will make any kind of legal challenge extremely difficult.

Clare Moseley, of the British volunteers’ group Care4Calais*, writes, “While the Jungle has many faults and issues, at this point in time it is all we have.

“Over the last six months UK citizens have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds and hundreds of thousands of hours building shelters, schools and community centres, setting up medical facilities, community welfare and art services. If the eviction goes ahead all this will be destroyed and this incredible investment will wasted.”

Yet she points out that destroying the refugees’ homes will not achieve anything, “Refugees will still come to Calais—their living conditions will just be so much more inhumane.”

Clare has been in Calais helping refugees since she joined a Stand Up to Racism solidarity trip taking clothes and food to the refugees last summer.

Weyman Bennett, co chair of SUTR, said, “Bulldozing the tents is bulldozing human rights. Seventy years ago we stood in solidarity with Jewish refugees trying to escape Nazi Germany.

“The situation is different now, but it’s terrible that in the 21st century governments are treating people like animals.

“What’s driving this is racism and Islamophobia and it is coming from the highest levels. The British government and David Cameron have spent more money on razor wire than helping these refugees. “

The actions of the French authorities help Cameron in his European “crisis” as he looks toconvince supporters that it is possible to stay in the EU and be hostile to migrants.

Sabby Dhalu, SUTR’s other co-chair, said, “The real solution is to allow refugees in the camps to seek asylum in Britain and to lead a normal human life.

“The British government’s refusal to allow them in is totally unacceptable given that there are only a few thousand refugees in Calais and Dunkirk. A poorer country like Lebanon—the size of Cornwall—has taken 1.5 million refugees, equivalent to a quarter of its population.


So as you can see the idea is that we allow everyone to trample our culture and community. Most of these so called refugees shouldn’t have even made it to Calais let alone come rampaging across our country. They should have been cared for in the first safe haven they came to after leaving the danger zone. But of course we have a welfare system that is far more liberal than those found in many of the eastern block countries they will have been smuggled through or walked through, thanks to the idea of free movement and those o so liberal states that just keep moving them on westward until they reach that 22 mile wide stretch of water know as the English Channel. What they have been told to expect to find if they cross those waters beggars belief but the truth is, they will find a cold damaged run down deindustrialised place where the indigenous people are struggling to survive relying on food handouts and state handouts where the essentials of life are beyond the reach of even those who served in their home countries military and gave all they were and now find that they are walked over by the very people they served and sacrificed their youth for.
So, please say no to racism, I too will Stand shoulder to shoulder with those who will fight to ensure equality whatever your background or upbringing, but I will not stand with those who would use that as a cover to see the multicultural destruction of my homeland.


I cannot simply standby and watch as the rights and foundations of the country of my birth and the country I gave nearly 20 years of my life too taken from me…..



….by some liberal who has forgotten the history of England and the sacrifices that were given to allow them to march and hold their views without fear of repression. Let them go to Saudi Arabia and attempt these acts of societal destruction. Then they would feel the meaning of repression and hatred.

so hold your opinion go on your march but be aware that flying the flag of anti racism will not give you the right to destroy the culture I gave myself to protect.





David Cameron has been accused of “scaremongering” over claims the Calais migrant camp would be moved to Kent should the UK leave the European Union. On Monday the Daily Telegraph report

Source: Tories Accuse Cameron Of ‘Scaremongering’ Over Brexit Migrant Claim