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Well it’s started early this week. I made the mistake it seems of saying that I believe that your sexuality was a personal life choice….

Then this happened!!

Here’s the twitter exchange in video form. (please note I have age restricted it due to the graphic nature of the cartoon)





The suspected attacker is among the dead in the incident, which police say is not thought to be terrorism-related.

Lincolnshire Police say they are not looking for any suspects in connection with the shooting near the Castle sports complex in the town

Source: British police say three people have been shot dead near a swimming pool in the central England town of Spalding


Just a sample of whats to come on Alan’s Antics now that the referendum is over and the British People declared their wish to be independent of the EU whilst maintaining trading & working relationships with our friends in Europe (please note the difference, the EU is NOT Europe).  There’s a whole load of topics to look at and here is an idea of whats to come….


The German chancellor raised the prospect of the UK getting a raw deal from the rest of the bloc after Brexit as she made a personal appeal for us to stay.

This is what she thinks of her OWN NATIONAL FLAG!!

Source: Merkel warns we won’t get ‘good result’ after Brexit


In the year since new rules came into force, the number of people charged with drug driving has more than doubled – but do you know what’s on the banned list?

Source: The prescription drugs that can now see you banned

The remarkable ease with which terrorists could travel within the EU’s borderless Schengen countries to kill 160 people in Paris and Brussels has alarmed everyone except the Euro-elite in Brussels. The Paris and Brussels bombers went from Syria to Holland to Belgium to France to Hungary before and after the Paris attacks.

Source: The EU Is A Security Catastrophe – Freenations


GreenPeace, breaking the law to make a point?  I was in London on the 18th April 2016. Here’s my report.




David Cameron has been called out for hypocrisy by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden after the PM, who has presided over a raft of new surveillance powers, claimed his late-father’s tax affairs are “a private matter.”

Source: Private matter? That’s rich! Edward Snowden deals Cameron a Twitter takedown — RT UK 

Source: Samantha Cameron & the Astors

An investigation into efforts at the Greek and Swedish borders to manage migration that have come under heavy criticism for putting the Schengen Area under threat.

The video Below has English Subtitles.

Here is the audio including my overdub of the subtitles –

Source: Schengen under threat

alantshearer_2016-Mar-22 2

Once again we see terror strike at the heart of the EU.  Innocent people had to die for a radical or group to make their point.  Who is to blame? Why did they do it? how where the targets chosen? did it happen as we are told it did? do we believe the Mainstream Presstitute media?

Here are my thoughts which includes exerts from Frank Whites Book “Who are the Illuminati? (stay with me) and ending with a quote from Rahm Emanuel, an American Politician who has been Obama’s Chief Of Staff.


David Cameron called the deal a ‘basis for a breakthrough’ that could end people smuggling.

The Turkish proposals, which included a demand for an additional €3bn (£2.3bn; $3.3bn), came as a surprise at the EU summit, leading diplomats to wonder whether to vet the deal in a short duration.

Source: EU and Turkey agree 1 for 1 refugee swap but final approval on €3bn deal will take longer


Libertarian commentator Lauren Southern was assaulted and allegedly “covered in piss” by activists in the streets of Vancouver.


Source: Libertarian Commentator Lauren Southern Assaulted by ‘Anti-Fascist’ Protesters – Breitbart



I quote direct from the production blog of Sonia Poulton, a journalist of 30 years, who has been questioning the official story behind the disappearance of little Madeleine.  But I also use this as an example of what Journalists have to go through each and every day when working on a story, something I too can attest too from personal experiance.

Take a listen to the story for yourself and consider this whilst you brows through your news feed.

We go through this to bring you the facts behind the stories.

Source: The untold story of Madeliene McCann

Source: SoniaPoulton.com

Egyptian man on trial for presenting himself as a Syrian refugee — a ploy that succeeded even though he had been apprehended for the same reason before.

Source: An Egyptian Is On Trial In Greece Accused Of Presenting Himself As A Syrian Refugee, For The Second Time


17 February 2016, WikiLeaks is released the classified report about the first six month of Operation SOPHIA, the EU military intervention against “refugee boats” in Libya and the Mediterranean.

EEAS-2016-126 eu-military-refugee-plan-PMG eu-military-refugee-plan-EUMC

These next two reports are even more concerning as they confirm that the EU Police/Military has plans to take their operations ONTO THE COASTLINE of North Africa in Lybian territory.



Source: WikiLeaks – “EUNAVFOR MED – Operation SOPHIA” – Six Monthly Report: June, 22nd to December, 31st 2015