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This Christmas, they are making an Appeal for their PopOffsets scheme. (Apparently) PopOffsets is the only project in the world that offsets carbon emissions and reduces environmental degradation by improving the provision of family planning.

So basically if they can stop people being born then they can save the environment….. but for who?

83206882RG010_Dr_Jane_GoodaPopOffsets has a pipeline of projects that it seeks to raise funds for. Top of our current priorities is our Patron Dr. Jane Goodall’s famous chimpanzee study of more than 55 years with the associated conservation projects around Gombe National Park, Tanzania. “A fine project”, you may think, “But what do wild chimpanzees have to do with population or climate change?”

The fact that Jane is a Population Matters Patron is a clue. She realised soon after arriving in Gombe, Tanzania in 1960 that to live and work in the area she would also need to work with the local communities there. (To clear away as many humans as possible) in 1986, when flying over the area in a small plane, she noticed that the forests surrounding Gombe had been devastated by the increasing population in neighbouring villages and their dire need to clear the land of trees to grow food, provide materials for housing, and fuel for their families.

So Jane set about finding & funding ways of clearing those humans off the land they were living on for………

….To save chimps, Jane had to win the support of the local community. (which she had determined had to be reduced and cleared away to give the chimps more space). Thus the TACARE project began and Tanzanians worked with the local communities to discuss and determine what was most needed, including clean water, latrines, primary health care and education, especially for girls. This project has long featured family planning (along with primary and women’s health care), tree nurseries and other microcredit programmes. As a result, the birth rate has dropped, local people are healthier, and the chimps are in turn conserved. Jane was thus a pioneer, not only in the study of our closest cousins, but in launching what we now call ‘PHE projects’ – linking Population, Health and Environment. That is why PopOffsets has already helped to fund PHE projects in Madagascar (‘Reef Doctor’) and ‘PHE Ethiopia’.

The connection between population growth and climate change is long established. Since more people create more emissions than fewer people, stable or reducing populations are essential to a sustainable world. (o let me get this right, more humans BAD, more chimps GOOD?? ) Family planning prevents unwanted births and hence lifetimes of emissions. It makes an extraordinarily cost-effective contribution to reducing CO2. Research released recently by Pop Offsets found that the cost of avoiding a ton of carbon through contraceptive provision is significantly lower than for other offset schemes. Reducing future populations brings additional benefits. It helps to: improve food and water security; conserve soil fertility and biodiversity; prevent civil conflict and mass migration; improve women’s rights and health; and reduce unemployment and poverty. Consequently, this appeal is not simply about offsetting your emissions but about the wider environmental and social benefits of helping people to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

So if I’m reading this right, if they get rid of all the people but let the chimps breed and eat & fart & shit everywhere then the globe is going to somehow be a much better place for the few humans that might be left to enjoy this, “ and water security; conserve soil fertility and biodiversity; prevent civil conflict and mass migration; improve women’s rights and health; and reduce unemployment and poverty.” 

This vile (in my opinion) woman, Dr. Jane Goodall & her “Population Matters” organisation remind me of people like,



and of course lets not forget…


So determined are they to clear away as many humans as possible so as to free up space for as many chimps as they can to breed to roam the country that Population Matters are making this their Christmas Appeal? At a time when we are supposed to be bring joy & good tidings to all HUMANS ??  HO HO HO.

One has to ask, who are the chumps? (No thats not a typo)

source: Population Matters