When I’m King : La vache! L’escargots du jour sont dans les grands pantaloons de ma singe! – Batsby

Kate Hoey, for whom I have a great deal of time, has launched Labour’s Leave campaign in direct opposition to her party’s general desire to stay in the wretched club. Ironic, really as it was a Labour government that took power in 1974 on a promise to reverse what many regard as Ted Heath’s treachery in signing us up and thereafter held Britain’s first ever referendum. Sadly, the ‘out’ lobby was poorly organised and even more poorly funded and corrupt outfits like the CBI and various vested interests had no intention of hopping off the gravy train after just one stop. Project fear is rumbling away to this day and even though the ‘outers’ have had 40 years to mount their case, the fear factor is never far away.

Source: When I’m King: La vache! L’escargots du jour sont dans les grandes pantalons de ma singe!

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