Better Off Out – London Conference I – 19/02/2016 : BOO

Better Off Out – London Conference I –

This week our podcast takes the form of a report from the London European Referendum Conference, organised by Gerard Batten MEP (UKIP). This event was held at the Abbey Centre in Westminster and was attended by over 200 people, all of whom had come to discuss the Brexit campaign in London.

What follows is a report that I put together which includes interviews with some of those taking part as well as the speech that I gave to the Conference. We start in the street outside as I introduce the event.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget that you can learn more about this campaign on our website We are also on Facebook and Twitter and we have our own YouTube Channel as well.

Brexiteers Arise!

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  1. Is gthe public meeting (200) in a city of 8 million the right way forward Go had 2000 but many were from all over the country, many were representing the other groups. Is the public really interested yet

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