Rupert in the North East – Redcar, Durham and Philip Hollobone : @BetterOffOut

Rupert in the North East – Redcar, Durham and Philip Hollobone : @BetterOffOut

This is a podcast by Better Off Out, introduced by Rupert Matthews the National Campaign Manager. You can find Better Off Out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as on our website We welcome all Brexiteers and offer a wide range of campaigning materials and activities. Go to our website and check us out.
Meanwhile, this podcast takes us on a trip to Durham to talk about heavy industry, we remain in Durham to talk about the Bold Durham Hussar who fought against Napoleon’s efforts in the 19th century to create a single European Empire. Then we move on to Devizes for three different pieces. First we have the launch of the Better Off Out campaign in Wiltshire, followed by a couple of shorter pieces looking at the Market Place and its relationship with the European Union.

Pam from Redcar
We start in Durham where we talk to Pam from Redcar about the importance of all Eurosceptics sticking together and working together in the Referendum Campaign.

Durham, Magna Carta and the EU
Still in Durham we have a look at the original copy of Magna Carta that is kept in Durham Cathedral. We look at the clause about habeas corpus, which dates back over a thousand years and learn how it has been quietly scrapped by the European Union.

Speech by Philip Hollobone MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Kettering.
A cracking speech by Philip Hollobone on the subject of Brexit.

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