Better Off Out on Tour – Lancaster – Lancaster Priory : @BetterOffOut

Europe has been under a united major power before – the Roman Catholic Church. In the end this didn’t work for the UK, and we broke away repatriating and liberating the vast wealth that had been taken from the people of the country.

Better Off Out on Tour – Lancaster – St Geroge’s Quay : @BetterOffOut

Times change, the river changed, St Geroge’s Quay fell into disuse, as things change flexibility and agility are needed to stay on top of things – UK know this lesson, but does the EU?

Better Off Out on Tour – Lancaster – Executions : @BetterOffOut

Lancaster Castle – was used for many things, as a court, prison and place of execution.

Human rights – UK didn’t just learned the lessons, it wrote them – what is the EU’s input needed for?

Better Off Out on Tour – Lancaster – Introduction : @BetterOffOut

This week our podcast comes from Lancaster. We were in Lancashire for a series of meetings, but I took the opportunity to visit some of the local sights to see what they could teach us about Britain’s relationship with the European Union.