BOO #BRexit Tour 17 : TipTree, Essex : @BetterOffOut

Finally we end up in Tiptree – famous for its jam – where I indulged in a cracking cream tea. But not until after I pondered the meaning of that for the EU Referendum.

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Brexiteers Arise!

BOO #BRexit Tour 17 : Avebury and Silbury, Wiltshire : @BetterOffOut

We then move on to Avebury, in Wiltshire, which is famous for its vast henge and dozens of huge standing stones, or megaliths. We also pay a quick visit to the nearby and rather enigmatic Silbury Hill.

BOO #BRexit Tour 17 : South Petherton, Somerset : @BetterOffOut

Then we move on to the charming little village of South Petherton in Somerset. Charming and little it may be, but there was a time when this was the bustling heart of one of the most aggressive of the Dark Age kingdoms in Britain.

BOO #BRexit Tour 17 : Introduction : @BetterOffOut

This week our podcast follows Better Off Out on trips to Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Essex that we made in March. We take in a varied batch of incidents, ranging from prehistoric megaliths, to a Dark Age warrior king and a very modern cream tea. I seem to be getting something of a fixation with cream teas as we had one last week as well.