Militant Islam : Bloom

Militant Islam : Bloom

Godfrey is a keen military historian and is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the Royal College of Defence Studies, he has also been published in the prestigious Army Review.

He served 30 years with the Territorial Army, initially with the County of London Yeomanry and holds the Territorial Decoration and bar, Sovereigns’ and Parliamentary Medal.

From this position of some authority he delivers his view on the current problem with militant Islam.

3 thoughts on “Militant Islam : Bloom”

  1. Agree 100% Godders, the big problem is that sheeple keep voting for LIBLABCON who neither have brains to see the problem or the guts to solve it in this way! There is a growing movement in the UK and on Continental Europe which I firmly believe will eventually gain critical mass, when it does Great Britain and the Evil Union will be close to Civil War! As long as the UK has a Government voted in by 24% of the Voting population this will be where we are headed. Sad but true!

    1. Hi David, I am maintaining this site for Godfrey – we haven’t discussed what to do with comments yet, but I’ll pass this on for you 🙂

      Best Regards

  2. I too agree with Godfrey. I have been saying the same, although not as eloquently, for the past twelve months. Short term solutions to long term problems is never going to work but unfortunately we live in an age policed by short-sighted politicians.
    Radical Islam is not something that can be negotiated with. The myopic view that these people have of the World and their “New World Order” is truly frightening. As Godfrey says; ‘ruthless action is required to stamp out this evil’, patriotic rhetoric from naive politicians in the HoC benches is not going to stop it.

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