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Read this then contact  with your offer of help!

Content Creation

1) Interviewees – you just need a phone!

Do you have an interesting history? Hobby? Expertise?

How about telling people about it? We can get you interviewed in person, by phone, Skype or Hangout.

2) Series Producers – you just need a blog (we can supply one if needed) and a microphone.

This could be a few pre-planned shows or open ended with weekly updates.

2a) Series – Theme based.

Is there a pet subject, interest or area you are regularly involved wiht? Why not share it? Each week give updates, discuss past events/issues, discuss what is coming up, interview other participants.

2b) Series – Personality based.

Do you have an interesting voice and personality? If people will listen to you, on a range if issues have a personality slot, your show to do with as you please.

3) Feature producers – got an idea, a script and a microphone?

Record a feature – whether it is news, drama or comedy, a one off to be broadcast as is.


There is a vast amount of information on the internet, actively searching it out or passively collecting it as you see it – extracting audio elements (sound tracks from videos, clips from TV/Radio etc) all needs to be done to create packages to be broadcast.


Sound needs editing – topping and tailing, noise removal, tracks joined, music added, levels balanced etc. Given a heap of samples and an order of play, could you make them into one neat MP3 to be broadcast?


The website and the integrated blogs need to be managed and need to look good.
Promotional flyers/web pages are needed.


Do you have contacts, are you good at making new contacts? We need people for all the above roles – an you simply help find and recruit them?


The software/systems work and are proving themselves, however there is plenty of scope for making it all work better. HTML, PHP, MySql, XML/RSS, MP3, Streaming, etc.

Social Mediia

We need a strategy for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – so every edition of gets a pushed every day – every where.


We have basic info on the use of the site and feed, but not anything like enough.

Now you know what we need – so contact  with your offer of help!