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Rob McConnell was born and still lives in Devon, but has lived in Somerset as well as Germany, with brief excursions to the Falkland Islands & The Middle East. A former Thames Valley Police Officer with experience of Royalty Protection and as a serving soldier he has had a breadth of life experiences. His father was a Prison Officer and his mother a teacher from whom he learned most of his life lessons.

As a soldier he joined in the mid 80’s with the Russians very firmly the enemy facing the nation in the Cold War, as well as dealing with the IRA and their attacks on servicemen. After serving briefly with the Intelligence Corps he served with the RAMC firstly as a medic, then as an administrator. His dislike of needles became apparent at this point.

Having been promoted to the highest rank for a Non Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer Class 1, Rob left the Army and settled back in Devon.

Now living with his wife in North Devon he has settled into working life and looking forward to a long life living in the best place on the planet.

Rob is currently Branch Secretary of UKIP North Devon.

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    • Naseer Ahmad
    • Posted 18th September 2015 at 7:19 pm
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    Great listen, extremely informative with allot to think about.

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