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    • Mark Cooke
    • Posted 15th November 2015 at 11:34 am
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    I am first and foremost a British Citizen and 100% want us to leave the EU.

    David Cameron however, has no intention of leaving the EU, he has been giving away our rights to rule over our country ever since he came to power.
    We have no Security, no borders , uncontrolled immigration and this is affecting all of our Services.

    Cameron talks about re-negotiating a better deal for the UK inside the EU…this is absolute smoke and mirrors, does he really believe that the British people believe him?

    On the subject of UKIP…how can a political party get 4 million votes in General Election and not get a seat in parliament?

    Quick question: what happened to the van with the completed voting forms disappear to…police investigating???

    I will make a pretty dire prediction on the outcome of a referendum and site Ireland as a template.
    The outcome will be a unanimous vote to leave the EU but the Brussels Bureacrats will demand a re-vote or Cameron will be told to fabricate some lie to remain in the 5 mill a day waste of space.

    Just my thoughts

      • pperrin
      • Posted 15th November 2015 at 1:09 pm
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      I agree with you Mark, I am really stunned that these pro EU politicians keep gettng the votes.

      I don’t know exactly how our EU exit will pan out, but I won’t really believe we are out of the EU until the 5th anniversary of us leaving! Until then I expect the pro EU lobby will be doing everything in their power to get us back and lock us in for good.

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