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Due to the INCREDIBLE response we received to our email earlier today, the Electoral Commission is unfortunately having difficulties in coping with the amount of support you have shown for our pledge. This goes to show just how much backing we have, and we cannot thank you enough.

For the time being though, we have changed the email address so that your voices can still be heard. Please respond using the button below instead.

Dear Supporter,


In the coming days, the GO Movement will submit its application to the Electoral Commission for designation as the official ‘Leave’ campaign in the forthcoming EU referendum.

The GO Movement is a coalition of UK citizens, businesses, political parties and organisations all working together to ensure a freer, more prosperous and more democratic United Kingdom — outside of the European Union.

We transcend the British political spectrum at all levels from members and group leaders, to councillors, MPs and MEPs. With prominent figures in the Conservative party, Labour, UKIP, DUP, TUV, the Liberal Democrats and the Respect Party all on board, the GO Movement is in pole position to win designation, however…

We need your help to get us over the line.


One of the criteria the Electoral Commission will look for when assessing our application is the “breadth of support” we can show for our campaign among activists. At this crucial point in the referendum campaign ask you to do two things:

We invite you to endorse our campaign for designation by clicking here to sign our pledge. This is very important to us as it will form part of our application for designation.

We at the GO Movement are totally dedicated to bringing the UK out of the European Union.

We believe that leave means leave, no second referendum.

We are the people’s campaign and we know what grassroots supporters want to see in Britain’s future. It is for this reason that the GO Movement, built up by ordinary people and outside of the Westminster bubble, is the campaign best suited to serving the UK public as the leading Leave campaign.

The GO Movement umbrella welcomes any campaign that wishes to secure a Leave vote in June. It’s time we present a united front to ensure we have the best possible chance of acquiring the result we are all hoping for on June 23.

Arron Banks, Co-Chairman Leave.EU