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From YouTube Channel: Libertarian Alliance

Chris R. Tame (1949-2006) was for many years the face of British libertarianism. Tame discovered Ayn Rand’s work when he was seventeen and quickly became a libertarian. Having been involved with established organisations such as the Society for Individual Freedom and the Institute for Economic Affairs, and dismayed by the lack of an explicitly libertarian organisation in the UK, he and a few others broke away to found what was later to become the Libertarian Alliance, of which he was the first director. His activism also involved a highly successful period as director of the smokers’ rights organisation, FOREST. He died of bone cancer on 20th March 2006.

Recorded by his successor as director of the Libertarian Alliance, Sean Gabb, these interviews show Chris Tame at his very best, speaking on a wide range of issues without inhibition. By this time, Tame could no longer be described as an “orthodox” libertarian. Nevertheless, they support the statement that he was the most interesting and insightful libertarian of his day.

The interviews are being edited and released one at a time. To keep up with what we have released, we suggest you subscribe to the Libertarian Alliance YouTube channel.

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