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The government says that it is preparing the way for our negotiations to leave the EU, but that these will be long and complicated, and the Article 50 notice cannot be delivered until the time is right.  This position looks awfully like prevarication and foot-dragging whilst they are desperately looking for some excuse to overturn the referendum decision. At the moment, our government is allowing the EU to call the tune, and these proposed negotiations will start from the position we are in now and negotiate some sort of agreement from that point.  I believe that this is the wrong attitude and we should begin negotiations from a different point. What I believe our government should do is to deliver an Article 50 notice immediately, and say to the EU that in two years time we will return to our pre-1973 position no matter what, and that we are willing to negotiate from that position only.  Tariff-free trade would be a prominent subject for negotiation, as would be financial services access, but what is not on the table is free movement of EU citizens to the UK, control of our borders, EU control of our fisheries, or any EU interference […]

Source: The Brexit Negotiations – An Alternative View – UKIP Daily | UKIP News | UKIP Debate