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70th Weekly Show!

The end of the scheduled friday show, but not of the platform.

Do listen to the latest show – we have a great line up, including an item from Vernon Coleman, prolific author, medical doctor, and libertarian.

We have been putting out a show (almost) every week for quite a long time now. When it started there were three aims:

1) To plant the seed of an alternative station to BBC Radio 4 – which, like most domestic BBC output, is now little more than a platform for the BBC to promote its anti British ‘progressive’ agenda.

2) To develop a platform that could be made available for others to create alternative media stations that could not be taken down or controlled by the state.

3) Encourage individuals to create their own podcasts, so audiences could bypass the controlling bias of the mainstream media and the state.

To some extent we have succeeded in all three areas – we have run a regular show, we have a platform and we discovered new talent.

The RadioFreeUK Friday Show

At the start it was expected that we would rapidly gain support and audience – allowing us to grow through advertisng or subscription or dontation. Particularly with the number of complaints that are heard about existing media.

However, this has not proven to be the case – accross all platforms our subscribers are in the hundreds not the thousands needed to make this a self sustaining concern.

Many people have put in great effort, and I hope they feel their efforts were rewarded in what additional coverage we gained for their output.

Maybe a weekly show was a bridge too far, maybe we are too early into this field, or maybe audiences don’t really object to the MSM bias/agenda/control enough to actually do too much about it. But the scheduled weekly show appears to have run its course.

The Infrastructure and Platform

The platform is substantially automated now, and inexpensive to maintain (as it was always designed to be!) so will continue to be used – most likely for ad-hoc programmes, and as it has been developed with an aim of being open sourced and dark-net friendly it may have applications in more repressive regimes as RadioFree<where-ever>.

New Talent

It was always planned that we would not ‘own’ the podcasts we used – all content belongs to the creators and can continue to be created and distributed just as all other podcasts are – we are delighted for anyone we inspired.


Paul Perrin

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