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Scottie K

Scottie is back from his hols and in the thick of it – reminding us that its not just the fare home that you are paying…

Scottie is still on his hard earned hols – but hasn’t forgotten us!

Scottie is in good spirits – I wonder why? 🙂

The last of Scotties views from the cab before the referendum!

Scottie kicks off by going all nautical – and then considers the power of the vote

“If voting changed anything they wouldn’t let you do it.”

Well, now the vote really can change things, is that why the EU commission are doing away with elected government?

Scottie has doubts over the balance/fairness of the information being presented by the government and their friendly experts. He presents his own considerations on the winners and losers…

This week Scottie has has it a bit rough with the pro EU mob on social media – but keeps his chin up with an ace poem!

Scottie is looking beyond Brexit and (over his cab radio?!) Scottie gives us the bones of a ‘new deal’ – health, pensions and benefits… What do you think?

Obama, Uber, housing – Scottie tells it as it is.


Scottie and the GO team – Farage, Bone and others – deliver 35,000 signatures to the Electoral Commission, plus Trump, planning and localism.