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Scottie K

Scottie isn’t just a Black Cab driver… he is an anti-EU campaigner too, this week he presents a speech he recently gave at a BRExit event.

The weeks top stories as Scottie sees them…

We have a date for the referendum, so what is all this manoeuvring?

As the various leave campaigns come together, our Scottie is in there doing his bit – and calling on you to do yours, every little counts and could be what makes the difference on the day!

Scottie K presents a view on recent events from his unique perspective.

Scottie K is back – Trump, NHS and more.

What will 2016 bring?

Our favourite Cabbie is back before taking a Christmas break:

You’ll never guess who I had in the front of my cab last night… a driver called Scottie K… and now here he is with a run down of the weeks events – of course, with that name and a connection to transport the only way to introduce him is to say ‘Beam Us Up Scottie!’.