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I believe in the sovereignty of the UK people. As a democrat I believe that the people exercise their rights and freedoms by choosing representatives for their Parliament, and dismissing them at general elections if they cease to please. Between elections the sovereign people can either let their Parliament get on with the job they were elected to do, or the people can argue, lobby,  press, campaign for their Parliament to vary its plans. The people accept that they, like their elected representatives, must obey all the laws and commands Parliament makes until such time as they are repealed or amended. Parliament has authority and exercises the people’s sovereignty subject to the popular  will.

Source: The sovereignty of the people

DEVELOPING countries are set to dump controversial trade agreements with the European Union en masse following the Brexit vote, leading economists have said.

Source: ‘Not worth it anymore!’ HAMMER BLOW for Juncker as nations dump EU trade deals post-Brexit


Metropolitan Police LGBT Network behind online hate and threats.
So called anti-haters doing all the hating.

On this episode of Last Orders, our podcast on all things nanny state, Tom Slater, Chris Snowdon and Rob Lyons discuss the government’s obesity strategy, what our Theresa May’s government will mean for lifestyle freedom, and the snobbery of the war on booze.

* Duration: 29:21

* Published: 29/08/2016 8:32:34 a.m.

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From Bre Faucheux Youtube Channel:

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What’s the deal with the EpiPen price hike? Does it show capitalism doesn’t work? I get into the details today. Then I call some scammers who tried to claim I was being sued by the IRS. Show notes for Ep. 729

* Duration: 36:39, Played: 2:40

* Published: 03/09/2016 2:25:00 a.m.

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Old school debate – politicians talking like real people, not party robots.

Matt Chorley is joined by Tory MP James Cleverly, Labour MP Emma Reynolds and SNP MP Stewart McDonald to debate the future of the Labour Party, Theresa May’s impossible job and whether the SNP have peaked.

* Duration: 35:43, Played: 13:44

* Published: 06/09/2016 2:07:35 p.m.

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On Milo’s podcast we discussed sane and insane college campuses, what we should think about Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, and in general had politically incorrect fun. Show notes for Ep. 724

* Duration: 39:18

* Published: 26/08/2016 11:12:00 p.m.

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How the banking bailout has only benefited the unproductive rich – including the Clinton Foundation.

Bit deep at the end on bitcoin, block chains and forks – but a good show.

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The British exit from the European Union, also known as Brexit, has made waves in the United States.  Brexit was shot down and mocked by the media and politicians, but with Farage’s help, they ultimately won and separated from the EU.  So what was the motivation behind that? What can we learn f

Source: WATCH: Nigel Farage, key figurehead in BREXIT, live in-studio on the JT Show – SuperTalk Mississippi