Giving Nigel Farage the credit he deserves, from The Conservative Woman : Vanessa

So Achilles has finally come out of his tent and, at last, a victorious end to the forty year Eurosceptic siege of Brussels can be seen on the horizon.In one apparent glorious shift of the tectonic plates, Boris’s ‘outing’ has succeeded in turning the marginal into the mainstream. Euroscepticism, once the territory of  Mr Cameron’s mad swivel-eyed loons, has overnight morphed into the acceptable stuff of polite metrosexual liberal dinner party conversations. Johnson and Gove between them have provided its new and acceptable face.

Source: Kathy Gyngell: Without Nigel Farage our timid Cabinet ministers would still be lying low – The Conservative Woman

War Speeches in Parliament – Churchill and Benn : Vanessa

Vanessa reads a historic report on Churchill’s speech to parliament following the Dunkirk evacuation near the start of WW2. This is followed by the much lauded speech by Hillary Benn MP (son of Tony Benn) which wound up the recent debate on allowing the RAF to mount air-strikes against ISIS in Syria.

Vanessa Interviews Charles Henley, learning disabilities campaigner and retired Care home manager : Vanessa

Vanessa interviews Charles about his early life in the air force, working (almost) for IBM, wanting to move into teaching and landing in care home management… leading to a life of campaigning for those with learning disabilities – even now in his 90’s.


The Rise and Potential Demise of Structured Day Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities. 1955 – 2005

Bold Visions: the short cut to inclusion – or the inevitable route to Winterbourne View?


Lawrence: An Ambassador Extraordinary

Good Intentions – And the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Vanessa Interviews Chrissy Smith, a psychic medium and councellor with a hidden disability : Vanessa

‘In Their Shoes’ a series where Vanessa interviews people from all walks of life from far and wide – this episode with Chrissy Smith a psychic medium and counsellor – and partner of Kerin Webb interviewed by Vanessa last week!

She shares her life experience, including fighting for support for her hidden disability – and announces her upcoming book!

Christina Smith