Giving Nigel Farage the credit he deserves, from The Conservative Woman : Vanessa

So Achilles has finally come out of his tent and, at last, a victorious end to the forty year Eurosceptic siege of Brussels can be seen on the horizon.In one apparent glorious shift of the tectonic plates, Boris’s ‘outing’ has succeeded in turning the marginal into the mainstream. Euroscepticism, once the territory of  Mr Cameron’s mad swivel-eyed loons, has overnight morphed into the acceptable stuff of polite metrosexual liberal dinner party conversations. Johnson and Gove between them have provided its new and acceptable face.

Source: Kathy Gyngell: Without Nigel Farage our timid Cabinet ministers would still be lying low – The Conservative Woman

War Speeches in Parliament – Churchill and Benn : Vanessa

Vanessa reads a historic report on Churchill’s speech to parliament following the Dunkirk evacuation near the start of WW2. This is followed by the much lauded speech by Hillary Benn MP (son of Tony Benn) which wound up the recent debate on allowing the RAF to mount air-strikes against ISIS in Syria.

Picks of The Week : Vanessa Coleman

Meet Vanessa in person on Saturday the 10th, her first public appearance following the first airing of her new Reality TV show ‘Close to The Edge’ – Airing on BBC 4, Tuesday the 8th at 22:00.

EU Out – Fund Raising Lunch – Saturday 10th October – one week to go!

The Liston Hotel, 5 Wollstonecraft Rd, Bournemouth BH5 1JQ.

EU Out Fundraising Lunch
+ 2 Speakers
+ Meet BBC’s latest reality TV star from ‘Close to the Edge’ Vanessa Coleman

From 12 noon – 3 p.m. the tickets are £12.50 which includes a buffet lunch, desert, followed by tea/coffee.

Cheques should be made out to UKIP Bournemouth East and to the UKIP shop for the attention of David Hughes at 897 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH7 6AX.

Alternately, you can pay on the day. Email to register your interest.

In this weeks The Way I See It, Vanessa reads her top two stories this week:-

– Lord Leach of Open Europe interviewed in the Independent newspaper.
– Douglass Murray writing in the Guardian.