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Jon Gaunt Episode 40 Al Murray, UKIP Vote rig and lets change voting system to make it fairer.

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Pat Condell talks about 'freedom of speech' on UK university campuses.

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Farage Over the Years - a 10 minute retrosepctive

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How Cameron pulled it off

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Liberty Nation - May 10, 2015Share:
Guest - Author Peter Schweizer

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A new book claims that almost everything we've been told about dieting is wrong - and microbes play a much bigger role than simply cutting fats or sugars. Modern diets of highly processed and limited varieties of ingredients – in particular fast foods – are thought to be killing off some species of gut bacteria that keep us healthy. Tim Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London and author of The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat and founder of the British Gut Project.

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I blame Jesus, basically...

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