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Business for Britain who want to be the lead EU Out campaign team produced a video – before the last election – explaining what they believed a Conservative government under Cameron would ask for in an EU renegotiation, and why having got these the UK should stay in the EU.

Now their Chief Executive, Matthew Elliott, wants to be the boss of the EU Out campaign! A man who thinks the EU needs a few tweaks, and was (is?) convinced that David Cameron’s conservative government will deliver them.

This once in a lifetime campaign to get the UK out of the EU. What if the EU offer a ‘better deal’ closer to the referendum date? Will Matthew Elliot and his Business for Britain group switch sides and say we should stay in?

Or worse still – it has been suggested by some (i.e. Boris Johnson) that if the referendum says ‘out’ it should be used to renegotiate even further and then have an other referendum… This actually sounds like Matthew Elliots and Business for Britains ideal – staying in with the pro-business, anti-citizen changes they desire.

Glad to have these guys along if they will campaign for Out – but I am not convinced they can be relied upon to stay on the Out side – and certainly not to lead it!

Finally – really consider – what is actually set out in this piece, in Conservative ministers own words about what they say the UK needs and what Cameron is actually, now, asking for…