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29th January BBC Radio 4 Today.

If UK services have been stretched beyond breaking point, then Cameron can ask the EU for an ’emergency brake’, and if that is agreed by all (or a majority of) 26 EU leaders then he can delay paying ‘in work’ benefits to EU migrants for up to 4 years. This permission can only be sought after the referendum.

  • There is no treaty change – there is nothing here that the EU couldn’t have already done.
  • There is no treaty change – the public have to trust that the EU leaders will agree the ’emergency brake’.
  • It can only be asked for after UK services are already failing.
  • For some (inexplicable) reason, they insist they will not agree until after the referendum.
  • It assumes that restricting access to ‘in work’ benefits will have some impact on migration… it was ‘in work’ benefits that George Osborne was talking about phasing out just months ago!

There is nothing here.

This is a place holder – as the BBC pulled the item from their RSS feed(!).