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Dimitri’s Opening Monologue
Wikileaks email dump confirms what I’ve been saying for months on my show; the (H)illary Clinton email server scandal coverup is to protect President Obama! Just when you thought the the FBI simple could be more politically partisan and weasel-like, we discover that one of the top FBI officials is linked to a dirty political contribution of more than $600,000. And conservatives who love Fox News must prepare themselves for the day in the near future when Fox is run by self-described globalists who admire CNN.

First Segment (see next post)
Great interview with an Australian who loves every “Rocky” film and who paid a steep price to become a legal American! Nick Adams, author of “Green Card Warrior: My Quest For Legal Immigration In An Illegals’ System,” is the Founder and Executive Director of FLAG, The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (

* Published: 26/10/2016 2:00:00 a.m.

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