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We send £350 million a week to the EU – enough to build a new hospital a week
We get 250,000 migrants a year – it’s out of control and damages the NHS
It’s safer to take back control and spend our money on our priorities

Imagine if we Vote Leave in 92 days’ time…
We can take back control of our security services and police from the EU Court

Ex-MI6 boss says UK safer if we Vote Leave

Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, yesterday made clear that our national security will be enhanced if we Vote Leave. Sir Richard – one of the most respected security and intelligence figures in the UK – states that leaving the EU will allow us to take back control of our borders and give us back the power to deport dangerous criminals and suspected terrorists.

Writing in Prospect magazine, the former spy chief explains that the EU is not trusted with the most important intelligence material as other member states leak information like a ‘colander’. He goes on to say that Brussels in fact ‘has little or nothing to do’ with how counter-terrorism and counter-espionage is conducted.

Importantly, Sir Richard notes that the UK is ‘Europe’s leader in intelligence and security matters’, and that the EU would certainly continue to work with us after we Vote Leave. He also stresses that our most important defence interests lie with NATO and bilateral relationships, not with the EU.

Sir Richard’s comments were also echoed last night by the Defence Minister Penny Mordaunt, who said the UK is unable to ‘share the intelligence we need to keep us safe’ as a member of the EU, and criticised ‘the constraints that are being placed on our defence and security services so we don’t have the freedom of operation that we need.’

Don’t listen to the scare stories of the IN campaign. It is clear that the safer choice is to take back control and Vote Leave on 23 June.


More scaremongering from the IN campaign

Today, the Government is claiming that energy prices will rise if we leave the EU. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd gave a car crash interview this morning in which she suggested that if Britain left the EU our energy markets would be at risk of attack from Russia and tsunamis. The IN campaign have so little confidence in David Cameron’s renegotiation that they are resorting to unfounded scare stories to try to persuade people to stay in the EU at any cost.

The reality is that EU red tape has forced up the cost of energy. Energy regulation from Brussels is due to cost the UK between £86.6 billion and £93.2 billion, whilst EU law forces the Government to charge VAT on energy bills. After we Vote Leave, we can take back control of energy policy and lower costs for consumers.


Data inputters needed thanks to your fantastic support

Over the last few weeks we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received up and down the country. #TakeControlDay was a great example of thousands of people coming together to share the positive vision of life outside the EU.

Such is the level of support and new people signing up to join the campaign that we need some help putting all the new information into our database. If you can spare any time – even if it’s just one hour a week – to come into our campaign HQ in Lambeth, please let us know by emailing